[50% OFF] Choose one item at a time! Online pick of used clothes! 50% OFF for 50 items or more

Coupon code: 2404onlinepick

From Monday, April 15th to Sunday, April 28th, we will be holding a campaign where you can choose your own vintage clothing online and get 50% off if you purchase 50 or more items!
This is a great deal where you can choose one item at a time!

Please take this opportunity to visit our online store!


◾️Event period
From 4/15 (Mon) to 4/28 (Sun)

◾️Applicable products
50% off when you purchase 50 or more items

◾️How to usePlease enter the following coupon code when purchasing.
Code: 2404onlinepick

◾️Please make sure you have entered the coupon code correctly before making your purchase.
・Please note that we cannot provide refunds or returns if you forget to enter the code.
・Please note that this cannot be used in conjunction with an annual discount pass.


▽ You can see the target products from the following

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