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About delivery method
Delivery by courier (Yamato Transport) will take place within 1 to 3 business days after payment has been confirmed, depending on the shipping company's schedule.
Payment Method
Credit card payment
PayPay balance payment / PayPay deferred payment Slow payment Docomo mobile payment / au simple payment / Softbank lump-sum payment Convenience store payment (7-Eleven) Convenience store (Family Mart, Lawson, etc.)
Bank transfer
about shipping cost

Please check below for shipping costs.

60 size → 780 yen (Hokkaido / Okinawa 1700 yen)
Size 80 → 980 yen (Hokkaido/Okinawa 1900 yen)
100 size → 1250 yen (Hokkaido / Okinawa 2150 yen)
120 size → 1500 yen (Hokkaido / Okinawa 2400 yen)
140 size → 1750 yen (Hokkaido / Okinawa 2650 yen)
Nekopos → 385 yen

* We only provide shipping methods for products that meet the standards. Other products are out of the standard and cannot be shipped.

Additional charges apply for Hokkaido and Okinawa.

About consumption tax
Consumption tax will be charged separately on the winning bid amount.
About product returns

- If the cause of the return is at our store, such as damage not listed on the returned item, we will refund the full amount at our own expense.
We inspect items when listing and packaging, but if you notice anything that we have overlooked, please contact us via the transaction message within 3 days of receiving the item.
*Since these are second-hand items, we check the products, but there may be minor stains or damage that are not listed.
*In particular, since the value of the condition of used clothing varies depending on the person looking at it, to avoid any trouble, we ask that those who are picky or looking for a perfect product refrain from placing an order.
Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries made after three days from the date of arrival of the product, regardless of the reason.

-Returns due to customer's convenience We do not accept returns due to customer's convenience, so please make your bid carefully.

Cancellation Policy
-Please note that since the process from order to shipping is an automated system, orders cannot be canceled or changed after they have been placed.
- If we are unable to confirm your payment or contact information and the item is cancelled, we will re-list it on the auction site.
- We cannot accept cancellations, bid cancellations, returns or exchanges after the successful bid has been made due to the bidder's circumstances.
Please note that we may refuse orders from customers who repeatedly cancel or do not meet deadlines.
- Please make sure you have thoroughly read the information and product description and understand and agree with it before placing a bid.
- Regarding bundling, because the system does not allow you to change the shipping fee before payment, we will only ship bundling if you can use Yahoo! Auctions [Bundled Transaction] . * There are conditions for use such as winning within 72 hours and before the transaction starts, so please check the details on the help page [ What is Bundled Transaction ].
・We strive to make transactions as smooth as possible. Please contact us within 24 hours after the auction ends, and complete the transaction within one week.
-Please note that there will be delays in delivery and we will not be able to contact you on holidays or special holidays.
・Post-transaction evaluations are only available to those who request them.
-Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly depending on the lighting conditions when the product was photographed and the environment of the computer or monitor you are using.
-The product is laid flat and measured with a tape measure.
-There may be individual differences in each product, so we measure each and every item individually.
-Sizes vary depending on the brand and design, so please use the size chart as a guide only.
・Please note that measurements are taken manually and may vary by a few centimeters. Please consider this as a guide for choosing the size.
Secondhand goods trading license number
Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 62107R031249

【main office】
YM Building 3F, 1-7-11 Tachimichibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Operating company: Fanbros Co., Ltd.

Sales Manager: Kota Hata Sales Contact: